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Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) was envisaged as a long-term programme of about 10-12 years duration to be implemented in 2-3 phases for transformation of the Technical Education System with the World Bank assistance. As per TEQIP design, each phase is required to be designed on the basis of lessons learnt from the implementation of an earlier phase. TEQIP-I started a reform process in 127 Institutions. The reform process needs to be sustained and scaled-up for embedding gains in the system and taking the transformation to a higher level. To continue the development activities initiated through TEQIP-I, a sequel Project is planned as TEQIP-II. Objectives: The Project has following objectives: * Strengthening Institutions to produce high quality engineers for better employability, * Scaling-up postgraduate education and demand-driven Research & Development and Innovation, * Establishing Centre of Excellence for focused applicable research * Training of faculty for effective Teaching and * Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness.

Office of the TEQIP
                      Nodal Officer
             Nodal Officer
                                       Assistant Nodal Officer

                                          Dr.G. Sivaradje
            Department of Electronics & Communication                                  Engineering  

Dr.S. Sundaramurthy
  Department of Chemical Engineering  

                       Dr.R. Manoharan          
 Department of Computer Science and                      Engineering     

                         Dr. N. Sivakumar and Dr. P. Salini
                       Assistant Professors
         Department of Computer Science and                              Engineering     

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Phone:0413-2655281 ext:411   E-mail:pecteqip@gmail.com
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